Creating stories with Kumo is simple and fun.

Imagine new worlds.

Discover them with Kumo.

Whether using it in the classroom, with family and friends, or by yourself, it helps improve problem solving skills, essential memory abilities and challenges the imagination through the creation of stories, developing better abilities for collective thought.

Just spin and let your imagination do the rest.


There once was a crocodile exploring the moon in his space suit, when he suddenly finds a huge blue castle floating above a crater… what does he find?


Share your own stories with the hashtag #Kumostory

Pasa horas de

vuelo con tu KUMO

“Si entrenas para ser piloto, pasas tiempo en un simulador de vuelos… los cuentos actúan como simuladores de vuelo para la vida social.” 


-Keith Oatley, Profesor de Psicología Cognitiva Aplicada

en la Universidad de Toronto

KUMO grows as you grow.

We designed Kumo to be updatable. 

Download new wheels or create your own with different themes and keep your sumo new forever. Be part of our OpenSource program and get involved with the KWF community of creators and thinkers.

KUMO is repairable.

At our creative studio we have a strong commitment with people, our products and the planet. That’s why Kumo is designed to keep you company for the long run. From the durability of the FSC certified materials (ensuring a sustainable source and low environmental cost), to our unlimited warranty on repairs, we make sure you will enjoy Kumo no matter where or when.

Designed and produced in Mexico by Kids Without Fathers to boost creativity in the world.

Kumo is now available! Get it now at launch price!





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